The Distinct Team

Who We Are

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Adeetya Kakkarr

Founder & CEO

Well, Hey! I am Adeetya Kakkarr (No, I did not spell that wrong). I am 14 and one of the founders of The Distinct Studio. Initiating a startup at the age of 14 was never easy & never will be. But, I believe that my love for social service & design will keep the startup working. As a matter of fact, I was forced into the design by Ashmita when for 1 hour straight she explained to me the importance of it. In a half sleepy voice, I agreed & she taught me to design with all the possible annoying meeting timings she could, after which there was no looking back. Bragging a bit about myself, I am a recognized Child Prodigy by the International Child Prodigy Magazine in the field of Public Speaking & Social Work. Moreover, I am one of the youngest awardees of the International Humanitarian Award 2021 by GMHA & United Nations. I’ve been very active in the field of social work while I worked with over 12 NGOs and gained as much experience as I could. I strongly believe in the saying that “Hard Work pays off”. Well, if you’ve read till here, why not apply for an internship at TDS, you seem patient enough :)

Ashmita Dua

Founder, CEO

Hi! I am Ashmita Dua, one of the founders of The Distinct Studio, as we proudly showcase literally everywhere "the first ever non-profit design studio of India." I am also the head of Course Designing as well as the Website Design department.

I founded this studio along with Adeetya to talk about the more underappreciated parts of the tech world, with people who are often left out of the loop. I am really passionate about designing as well as coding, and want everyone to know how much of an impact a computer screen can make.

Design is an entirely new outlet to express anything and everything, from a simple 2nd grader family drawing that touches your heart to the big advertisement on the roads that makes you want to own that car. The possibility of being able to make anything with a simple blank canvas excited me, more than end of pandemic does, and that says something.

So hi! I am Ashmita, the person who gets excited on simple things such as a pop up that says "there's a new version of procreate available, would you like to update? "

This isn't my first startup, this will be the first successful one.

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Hitee Bhardwaj


Hey! I am Hitee Bhardwaj, one of the co-founders of The Distinct Studio. I'm also the Head of Human Resource and Public Relations. I'm currently pursuing the science stream as an 11th grader, with aspirations of becoming a Neuroscientist in the future. You must be wondering then, how do I fit into all of this? Well, it all started in June 2019 when I first made a fan account on Instagram to make edits of my favorite fictional worlds and the characters in them. I made a lot of friends who helped me through the process, and I'm still really close with a few. I remember spending the whole summer, the year actually trying to get better and figure out ways to create graphic designs, and I did! My account grew and so did my interest in design. I started working professionally soon after, for my school, various associations, Model United Nations, and so on. Fast-forward to now, when I have my own Design Studio with some of the coolest people I know <3

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Samidha Kalra


Hey! I am Samidha Kalra, one of the co-founders and the head of finance, logistics, and marketing in The Distinct Studio. I am an 11th-grade school student pursuing commerce right now. I have always wanted to have a job and I literally can’t believe that I have one right now. I have a keen interest in knowing how an enterprise actually and practically works and I am hoping to gather that experience by working with the very awesome team of The Distinct Studio. I am truly glad to be a part of it. I like listening to songs and basically can’t live without them. I also love watching movies, tv/web series, etc because I think it provides a perspective to people like no other. I like to think of myself as a very positive person and work by the mantra- “ Find positivity wherever you can, and if you can not, create the positivity you are looking for.”.