Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various levels of the courses?

There are 3 levels of courses which will be provided to you by our own team. The 3 levels are-

 1. BASIC COURSE - Coming soon 

 2. INTERMEDIATE COURSE - Coming soon 

 3. ADVANCED COURSE - Coming soon 

What are the prices of the courses?

  1. BASIC COURSE: ₹ 599


  3. ADVANCE COURSE:  ₹ 899

  4. SAVER’S COMBO= BASIC + INTERMEDIATE + ADVANCED COURSES: (₹ 2247 cut this) ₹ 1899 

What is the duration of one course?

We will provide you 4 weeks worth of lessons but it is totally up to your convenience at which pace you want to complete the course. Hence it is a self-paced course. 

What is special about courses? 

The courses we provide are made by our own team who have gathered experience over the years,  in the field of design. These courses are easy to understand, accessible and also affordable. Moreover any profits that we make go to charity. We provide the same course, graded assignments, internship opportunities and certificates of completion  for free to the underprivileged. By buying our courses you get the sense of satisfaction of doing something good, like charity and also the joy of learning something new

How to purchase and access a course?

These courses can be purchased from our website via methods of online payment. The courses will soon be ready for you to access via the website itself. STAY TUNED!

How to apply for an internship at TDS?

If you are 13 years or older in age, you can apply through the following registration link- 


We provide internships in the following departments-

1. Marketing and Logistics 

2. Human Resouces

3. Public Realtions

4. Social Media & Design

5. Content Writing 

6. Course Development